An empty womb,

an empty heart.

Dreams are shattered,

life falling apart.


She clutches hope,

it lets her down.

She craves his support,

but he isn’t around.


An empty womb,

which serves no purpose.

Her intelligence, wisdom and cunning,

now seem so useless.


An empty womb,

the passage of time,

two hearts come together,

when you speak your mind.


She is searching again,

but now they look together.

The ache is still there,

it wont be there forever.


She feels the warm wind,

it touches her heart.

It brings hope and change.

It brings a new start.





Her presence was felt,

As much as her loss.

Time heals all wounds,

But at what cost?


Each day a memory is lost.

A feature is forgotten.

Her voice grows softer.

Her touch begins to soften.


She tries to remember her,

Her open heart – her open arms.

She had a happy smile,

Her wonderful charm.


Life dealt her a hard test,

But she took it with pleasure.

A smile never left her lips,

No matter what the pressure.


My rock, my pillar,

My angel on Earth.

I need her strength now,

That is how she showed her worth.


I look around,

She is no more.

I find her within,

Right at my core.


She still is my strength now ,

Until we meet in Jannah.



Please remember my mother ,Firoza , in your duas. May Allah grant her and all Marhoomeen Jannatul Firdose.

Aameen Ya Rabil Aalimeen – Shabeeha



My heart is bleeding

I see images on the screen

Killing of innocence

Burning of lives.


My heart is weeping

there is blood in the words

Torture and death

Mothers. Brothers. Sisters.


My heart breaks

I feel useless to help

but I offer my words

in prayer to Allah.


They will have their reckoning

You will have your jannah


Allah will not forsake you.





  1. deenagers says:

    May Allah help gaza!! Please keep this poetry part rocking!!!coz lovve ur style of poetry,it makes me wanna add to my collection!!

    • shabeeha says:

      So glad you appreciate it. This poetry page is my first attempt but I will continue to add to it. I will check out ur collection for inspiration. Do come by and visit again. اسلام ءليكم

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