CHAPTER 23 (continued)

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transformation definition

Five minutes later we pulled into the parking lot of the art gallery. I take off my shoes and rub my feet for a moment. “Do you want to rest in the car for a minute?” Hussain asks. I nod. “My feet are killing me”. “How long is this thing?” he asked , bored already. “I am not sure, but she said she had something to show me”. A strange smile crept onto his face. “You two are really close now hey?” he asked. Shyly I shrugged my shoulders. “So was I right, or was I right?” he asked arrogantly. “About what?” I asked acting ignorant. “you know what!” he winked. “Yes, you were right” I admit.

The place is reasonably full. I see some of Hasina’s family and a few arty people. There is a movement sculptor that has put a few pieces in Hasina’s show and immediately Hussain is drawn to that. He begins to identify the pieces of metal and is amazed at what it has been transformed into. He begins to chat with the artist and nods when and I tell him I’m going to browse the paintings.

The room is a large open space of about 500 square meters. There are two doors at the end – both closed. There are four large paintings on each of the four walls. I look up to find large metal letters suspended from the ceiling individually. When I step back to look at it, I read the word, “TRANSFORMATION”. This is probably the name of the exhibition, I think thoughtfully.

I scan the room for Hasina but I don’t see her. “Assalamu Alaikum” I hear a voice from behind me. I turn around to find Rahima. “Wa Alaikum Salaam” I reply. “How are you?”. “I am good” she says sweetly. “Hasina was looking for you a while ago, she is so excited”. I look around quickly and I don’t see her yet. “Do you know where she is?” I ask her. “She was over there”, she points to the end of the room, “…there was someone interested in the painting. I think the curator of the gallery took her to the office after”, she assumes. “how has it been going?” I ask Rahima. Looking around I see many people, its hard to tell if they came for a party or really want to view the pieces. “It was quiet initially but it’s busier now. There were a few people interested in buying something. Oh, and someone from the paper was here also”, Rahima explains excitedly.



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