CHAPTER 23 (cont)

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transformation definition

The ladies are all making their way outside where it is cooler. Some of the husbands are their already and I spot Hussain.

As I walk up to him, I hear the excitement in his voice.

“it touched 100 meters, then lost control. I thought it was going to crash. Lucky it landed in some long grass. Im going to try a bigger motor and see what happens.”

“I hope he isn’t boring you with the stories of that plane” I say rolling my eyes at him. “Im just telling Moosa about last week Sunday” he says still excited. “You must come with me this weekend, the laaitie will love it” he says to his cousin, who seems very excited about it too. Moosa’s wife seemed to overhear as well and joins us, “You’ll have to swop your planes for prams soon, Hussain” she says jokingly. Hussain immediately responds, “No this one, loves the plane”, he puts his hand on my tummy and gently rubs it. when I look downi see that my tummy looks bigger now than an hour ago. Talking to me he says, “Nazi , just tell them how he Kicks when he hears the sound”. I nod but moosa’s wife’s ears are more acute. “He?” she asks curiously. “Do you know?” she asks. “Nope”, I say. “Ok, OK “ says Hussain. “She loves the sound of the plane” he says, and then he adds, much softer so only I can hear, “…just like her mummy”.



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