CHAPTER 21 (continued)

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transformation definition

I pull up to the Vally’s house and scold myself for not calling first. If I had called first and confirmed a time for my visit, I would be sure to meet Hasina now. I am surprised that I feel disappointment at the possibility that Hasina is not here.

I ring the door bell and wait. I hear the chimes inside but I hear no movement. I gather my file with the documents and after a minute I ring the doorbell again. I hear a voice answering through the intercom.

“Hello” it is the voice of the domestic worker.

“er…Hello” I reply back. I HATE talking into intercoms. “I came to drop off a package for Mrs. Vally” I say adopting the professional diction.

“Madam is not here” the domestic worker answers and I literaly feel my hopes sink.

I react quickly. “I’m Farnaz” I say, “I have a package for Mrs. Vally. She is expecting it. Will you give it to her?” I ask. I hear shuffling through the intercom and then, “I’m coming” and the line is dropped.  I pull out a piece of memo pad and scribble a note for Hasina. Er… what to write?

I came by when you were out. Here are the documents I promised. I apologise for the delay. Do let me know if everything is in order.


I added my mobile number in at the bottom. At the very least she will call me to tell me she got it.



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