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transformation definition

The hormone injections have given me so much of energy, I don’t know what to do with myself. I’m nearly done with the interviews for the new assistant and another estate agent, and I have been interviewing for three hours now. Yet I do not even feel like it. I thought I would dread these interviews but I am actually enjoying them. There have been some good prospects and some time wasters, but even knowing that they were wasting my time didn’t make angry. In fact, I think, it was one of them who began talking about her last job at the cosmetic counter in Edgars, I actually asked her opinion in on my dry skin. I laugh at the thought, and think, who am I becoming? I remember to jokingly ask Hussain if he is sure its just oestrogen in those injections.

“Farnaz, are you ready for the last interview?” Dilshaad asks at my office door.

“yes”, I say and she hands me the application. Followed by a young woman behind her.

I gesture for her to sit down as Dilshaad walks out of my office and shuts the door.

Half way through the interview, I know she is the one for the job. The interview goes very well and we hit it off immediately. The right chemistry is so important especially since I have to rely sometimes on the personality of the estate agent to make a sale. Raeesa is perfect for the job, and in fact very qualified. I feel as though she should be hiring me. She is professional, eloquent and born and bred in the community which is another notch in her favour. When the interview is done, I thank her and walk her out of the office and give her a run down off the protocols and procedure as well as my plans to work less and less.

“I am in the process of registering a rental agency in affiliation to the estate business and the estate agent will have to source tenants and conduct background checks and credit references for the clients.” She nods, “Of course I am hiring an assistant as well, to deal with the tenant advertising, and client request”. We walk back to the reception area, Dilshaad looks up at us from her desk. She smiles knowing that I haven’t done a tour for any other candidates I interviewed.

I turn to Raeesa, “Thank you so much for coming, Dilshaad will contact you as soon as I have reviewed all the applications”.

“Jazakallah so much, Farnaz”, she said and then greeted Dilshaad and left.

After a few moments, when we both were sure she was out of earshot, dilshaad said, “I like her”.

“I want to go over the applications once more, but i’m pretty sure the job is hers” I say.

Dilshaad smiles widely, clearly glad that there will be some other people sharing the work load. “And the assistant position?” she asks.

“Hmm”, I think, “there were a few prospects”.

“I am going to decide tomorrow for sure, and then I want them to start as soon as possible, you need to train them before your maternity leave”, I say.

“You are not replacing me?” she asks jokingly. “Never” I reply.

I go to the kitchenette to make myself a cup of coffee. I remember what the doctor said, and instead choose green tea.

When I get back to my office, theres a package on my desk. It is the title deeds of the Vally’s house. Finally I think, they have been expecting me with it for some time..

I look at my appointments for the day. Two house shows and a meeting with at the bank with a bond originator. I can drop it off when im done, I think and put it into my file.



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