CHAPTER 18 (continued)

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transformation definition

As many ladies begin to leave I look at my watch. Yusuf has taken the children to a movie so I have at least another hour before they pick me up. I am only beginning to enjoy myself now and so a little while longer is welcomed.

“How is Jameela?” Farnaz asks me and I am happy to oblige. I think about my wonderful daughter and all is right with the world. This is probably how my mother felt about me. Farnaz seems happy to hear that Jameela has asked about her. My young daughter had taken an instant liking to Farnaz , and I have to admit she is probably a better judge of character than I am.

I know she doesn’t have any children yet, and I am careful not to pry into her personal life. I remember her at the party at my house with all the young children. She seemed so comfortable with them and they all seemed to love her.

“You are so good with children , I’m sure you will make a good mummy” , is my only opinion and the look on her face tells me that she is thankful for it.

Suddenly she makes a realization and excitedly asks if the sketches hanging in my lounge was done by me. I am impressed that she could see the similarities and I confirm her suspicion.

“They are such strong works” she says and I get the impression that she may have liked those already the day she saw them. My mother would agree with her, this I know. My mother had so much hope for my talent and she always regretted that I couldn’t study further.

“You should study further, you are so talented” she begins, “there are some art schools..”. I don’t hear the rest of what she says. She seems to be reading my thoughts. Her tone and words are just like my mothers and I wonder why I hadn’t listened to my mother all the times she had said the same thing. The emotion floods through me and I fight to stay in control despite the tears pooling in my eyes. in a split second I know that the questions that had been running through my head all day, are now answered. This is the sign I had asked for. She has told me to do exactly what I had been considering all the while.

This woman who seemed like the last person who would want to know me, seems to already.




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