CHAPTER 17 (final)

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Amina sits down next to me and says, “Im off girls” and signals the waitress. Mumtaz joins us as well. “Me too” she says. “I think we need to make this a regular thing” she continued. We all nod in agreement. “how is the long drive to school?” she asks Hasina and the have chat for a while. The waitress arrives and she gets up to meet her. I get myself ready as well, and lean over to get my bag from next to the couch and just manage to catch  Amina tip the waitress with a three Hundred Rand note. “For your studies”, she says softly and I barely hear her. The waitress is speechless and Amina doesn’t wait for a response. She turns to me, unaware that I witnesses her generous gesture, and says, “Please give Husna my salaams when you speak to her” I nod, she then kisses and hugs everyone before leaving. Mumtaz follows just as Hasina’s phone beeps and she says that Yusuf is here.

We settle our part of the bill and walk out together. I see the X5 just as I exit and see Jameela waving to her mother excitedly. “So nice talking to you Farnaz” Hasina says to me and waves to her daughter. “You must come around to visit, You know where I live” she jokes. I laugh.

“Aunty Nazie!” I hear Jameela scream and my heart is warmed. I wave at her. And she screams my name again. “You better come see what she wants” Hasina says as she walks towards the car.

I shoot a salaam at Yusuf. I spy some women starring at him. Yes he is good looking, but really? I think.

I get to Jameela’s window and she is bursting with excitement. “I love my Jungle gym” she says. “..And daddy says he is going to buy us a trampoline.”

I nod impressed, “That will be lots of fun” I say.

Walking to the front of the car I catch Hasina’s eye. There’s a glimpse of something there. It’s different from the first time I saw her. I remember the sadness I saw in her eyes that day. I understand it now. Today there is hope and calm. I wave goodbye and watch them drive off.

As I walk back to my car I replay the afternoon events in my head like the highlights of a soccer match – and quite possibly the match of the season. Did I judged her too quickly?, I wonder. I get into my car, my keys are in my hand. Instead of turning on the ignition, I lean back into the seat and sit motionless. Is this what it feels when you realize you could have been wrong?

I think about Amina’s sweet gesture to the waitress, Mumtaz’s selfless volunteer work, Hasina’s passion for art, and what is more… they were all so nice to me. Me? The woman who judged them all – too quickly.

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