CHAPTER 17 (continued)

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transformation definition

Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change. -Wayne W. Dyer

“You really have talent” I say genuinely. “You should think about going for formal classes.. I’ve heard  that there are a few studio’s that allow you to submit your work and…” I lose my train of thought  as I see my words cause Hasina’s eyes to pool up with tears.

I am rendered speechless and I don’t understand what is going on. Her face looks pained, and she is trying hard to hold it together. For a moment I freeze and then in silence, I pour her a glass of water from the jug and dig in my purse for a tissue.

“Im sorry” she says a minute later, slightly embarrassed. “Its.. er..  ok” I say still a little confused. I try and make an excuse. I am not usually good with emotional situations. “I’m sorry” I begin, “I’m not sure why I said that, its not my place to…” she stopped me mid sentence.

Her voice was calm and cool as she related the story about her mother and told  me about the offer she received from an art school just the night before. “to hear you say that…” her voice trailed away, “It just made me start thinking about her again” she said keeping her composure although it was clear to see the emotion was fresh under the surface.

It was only after she explained the details about her mothers passing and everything in between did I understand her reaction. “Im sorry about your mother” I said. “To lose someone suddenly must have been so difficult” I empathized. She nodded, sullen.

“You looked a little unnerved all afternoon” I added surprised at my own words, encouraging her to speak about her emotions. “There’s just been so much going on” She said shaking her head. “It never gets easier…Your mother is always your mother”. I empathized by telling her about my mother’s cancer when I was a teenager and that I was thankful that I got to say goodbye, no matter how hard it was at the time. She listened thoughtfully.

“You need your family support” I added, “you have two brothers right, I met them at the party” I said. This was met with a sad nod and she briefly told me that her younger brother is going through a bad patch. “you right” she said, “family support is so important”. I got the feeling that his bad patch may be something serious. “I hope everything is ok?” I say questioningly. She briefly tells me that they were up all night trying to sort things out, “But Insha Allah, he will be ok”.

Hearing her reply, I remembered the conversation with Husna telling me that these women were just like me with their own problems. I know now she was right. The conversation with Hasina is such an eye opener. She wasn’t the damsel in distress I assumed her to be. She wasn’t the poor stupid Indian woman I thought she was. “you must think I am a wreck of a women” she said suddenly after. I looked at her. What did I think? The voice in my brain registered a response, No – Hasina, I thought. I think you just like me.  But, “No” is all I managed to say , with a weak smile.

“I admire you , you know” she said catching me off guard. Before I could react she said, “building a successful business and seeing to the home can’t be easy. You are educated at University and that makes you see the world differently. A working woman is her own person separate from her domestic obligations”. I thought about that for a moment. As glamorous as that sounded, it doesn’t always work out that way. There are sacrifices that need to be made. Starting a family was one of them.

She listened as I spoke. I was brief, the baby story could be made into a 20 volume book by now, but I managed to give her the gist in a few sentences. I spoke briefly about the strained marriage that goes with that and somehow I felt comfortable and even relieved being able to talk about it. “you’ll be Ok. Allah tests the ones he loves the most” she said. It brought me comfort to hear that, and perhaps that belief is what gives her , her strength. truth surprise you  shine

  1. You had me hooked for the whole day!! Your writings are so fluid and easy to connect to!

    Thanks for an awesome read! Looking forward to daily dose of Hasina and Farnaz! I connect with both of them at some level! May be, it is the way you write!!

  2. Hey I’m aching for a new post!!! Where are you girl?? 🙂

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