CHAPTER 17 (Continued)

Posted: July 16, 2014 in Uncategorized

transformation definition

“you done?” Hasina asks. I nod a yes and show her my empty cup. She looks at her cellphone for the time. “Are you leaving?” I asked.

“Not for a while” she says. “Yusuf has taken the kids to a movie, I still have some time before they fetch me” she explains. I nod.

“How is Jameela?” I ask remembering the bright little girl that called me her friend. I smile knowingly.

“She is fine. She just got chosen for her gymnastic club at school and she is so excited about that”, Hasina says smiling, she is visibly more upbeat and her face shines with pride as she speaks about her daughter. “She spoke about you the other day, you know” she adds unexpectedly.

“Really?” I ask surprised.

She nods, “She said she was glad aunty Nazie gave us the house”. I chuckle and she joins me shaking her head at her daughters words.

“You don’t have children yet, right Farnaz?” she says and asks. I shake my head in response, bracing myself for the usual prying questions that usually follow my admition. “you seem so good with kids” she says non chalantly sipping her coffee. “im sure you’ll be a good mummy when your kids come along”.

I nod, thankful for her words, but surprised. She didn’t act like an expert on fertility and she didn’t offer advice. Suddenly, as if the right part of my grey matter began to synapse, I have a flash of realization. “The sketches” I say to Hasina excitedly. “Your house, the lounge” my thoughts come staccado-like. “On the wall…It’s yours?” I finally spit out hoping she understood my cave woman type talk. She laughs. “You mean the sketches with the picture frames on the wall in my lounge”. It sounds better the way she says it and I nod and laugh. “Yes I did those” she says.

“I knew I saw that technique somewhere” I say incredulously as if I had solved an ancient world puzzle. “They look beautiful” I compliment ,”..and the way it is framed and mixed up with black and white photos..” my voice hangs in the air as I shake my head in admiration.


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