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transformation definition

Hasina volunteers to keep score and most of the ladies form teams. I decide to sit this one out since I don’t know anyone well enough to team up.

A handful of ladies seem to have my idea and choose to watch. The women shift around to form teams as the game begins. I stay where I am. Hasina is still next to me and she sorts out her pencil and paper, writing board and sand timer. Most of the ladies start to get into the game but a few are talking among themselves.

Our orders arrive and we made space at the table. My coffee hits the spot and the gigantic slice of chocolate mousse cake could feed a small family in Kenya. I am glad to share the cake and its calories with Hasina. About 15 minutes later our table has turned unto a rowdy bunch. Laughing at the silly answers and screaming out what they know. Mumtaz looks at the card and begins. “Ok, it’s a book. the first word means big and huge. He partner thinks, “ giant” she says. Mumtaz shakes her head no, “great??” her partner asks. “Yes!” mumtaz responds. “ok second word is…. like when you are pregnant” she looks hopefully at her partner. “fat?” she asks and the tables explodes in laughter. “No!..erm when you are pregnant you say you are…” she looks desperately at her partner. Her partner seems confused. I try to think of the answer. It is a name of a book, I think. With my knowledge of books this should be easy I think, but I scan my brain and I come up short. I hear a whisper from around the table “great expectations” and I look to find that the guess came from perfect petite Zaheera.

Having no luck with the first item, Mumtaz tries the second item on her card. “The ship hotel in Dubai?” she asks hopefully. Without even having to think her partner screams enthusiastically, “Burj al Arab!!” Of course she’ll know that, I think. And make a mental note of that name. “yes!” mumtaz seems optimistic as she looks at the third item on the card. “person who assassinated JFK?”. Before my brain can register the question her partner screams out, “Lee Harvey Oswald!” just as time runs out.

Hasina tallys the score and puts it down. The next team is on fire and I find myself enjoying the game. There are some difficult ones that no one seems to get, and easy ones that most people know. My biggest surprise is that most of the women answered some real tough questions. Yuri Gagarin, Napoleon and even Helen Keller were not as unknown t these woman. I found myself wondering if they really are who I thought they were.

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