CHAPTER 17 (continued)

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transformation definition

Looking at my watch, I see there is no need to rush off. 30 minutes more and I can still beat the traffic. I order another coffee and still work on the chocolate mousse cake. Hasina does the same. I rehearse in my head a way to start another conversation. But nothing sounds right so I scan the conversations around me for a suitable subject. “I hated that movie, it was nothing like the book” Radheeya said across the table to another. “The characters were one dimensional and not at all presented the way the book does” she finished. “I enjoyed the movie, but I never read the book” said a voice across the table, I leaned forward to identify the voice. Was that Faheema or Sameera? I cant remember. “I don’t have the time to read 200 pages of words, I would rather hire the movie and watch it when I get a moment” she said encourage by some vigorous nodding around the table. “You can always make time” said Zaheera, clearly shocking me and most of the table. “Ya , Ya” she said rolling her eyes acknowledging everyones shock. “I download audiobooks onto my iPod and listen to it at the gym. Just…” she paused to add emphasis,  “ know the mood of the book, its no fun doing lunges while the book is making you cry” she said amusingly.  “True story” she ended holding her hand up just above her head as if outing herself. The picture it paints in my head, makes me chuckle and she shoots me a wink.

Hasina, listening to the conversation added, “I think it is unfair to compare a book to a movie. It is like comparing a drawing to the real thing. A movie is a persons perception of the book, just as a drawing is someones perception of what they see. Everyone sees things differently and that is the beauty of a book. Even if you read a book the second time, it can make you feel or see it differently”. Her comment was met with silence as everyone seemed to digest her thought. Me on the other hand, was awed by it. It made so much sense and knowing the love for the arts gave me a slight insight to her thoughts. It was a valid point, and one well made. SO well made in fact , that it brought the conversation to end and everyone settled back in their seats and talked among themselves softy.

I did the same and began to work on the bottom of my coffee.

The idea that these women could have interests beyond shopping, make-up and fashion, had never occurred to me before. Yes, Husna had told me this many times, but I had never experienced it. A few of them have surprised me today. Mumtaz who volunteers for cancer patients, Radheeya is part of a book club and can actually talk about the books she reads, and Hasina , her sketching and strong valid opinions. Is this the reason I have been so closed up in my ways. I haven’t made any close friends because I have judged them before I could get to know them. Was Hussain right all the time? The realization gives me something to think about.

A few more ladies get up to leave and by the time I get back to my coffee , its just Hasina, myself Mumtaz and Aamina left at the table. Aamina moves to the opposite couch, next to Mumtaz and is showing her something on her phone and chatting. Hasina is playing with her spoon in her coffee.

I allow my mind to drift. . . I have been closed up, I think. Was it because I thought I was better than these women? Am I really? They are wives, mothers, carpoolers and so much more. They are probably what I knew I couldn’t be all this time. the thought brings a lump to my throat and I try to wash it down with the last of my coffee.

born to be real

  1. Jameela says:

    Assalamualykum. Alhumdulillah. I’m enjoying your story even though I’m impatient to read more. Your characters are so real, with real problems. Farnaaz and Hasina have become my new friends. Keep up the good work. Wassalaam

  2. BlessedMuslimFamily says:

    The words are great and they feel so real. When i started reading i though they were life incidents, though i didnt started from the beginning…
    Great job!

    • shabeeha says:

      Thank you for the comment. Thank you so much for reading. Yes it is a lot to begin from the start, in Sha Allah when you have time.
      When you do,please share your thoughts.

  3. BlessedMuslimFamily says:

    yes, in shaa Allah. 🙂

  4. Mp says:

    So interesting and entertaining, I can’t wait to see what happens in the chapters to follow!

  5. Salaams, I’ve been reading your story every night for the past week, and I have to commend you on two things: your style of writing is fantastic-What a pleasure it is to read your work, and secondly the storyline itself-captivating and leaving the reader wanting more. Maashaa’Allah keep up the excellent work!

    • shabeeha says:

      What a wonderful comment. All praise is due to Allah for allowing me to be successful in writing this book. thank you for the kind words. I hope you enjoy reading what is to follow. S.

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