CHAPTER 17 (continued)

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“Hey you guys”,  Radheeya got our attention, “Zaheera just told us she is pregnant again”. I looked at the rest of the group and some women were gushing over Zaheera and trying to get a look at her tummy for any signs of life.

“Congratulations” I said, “how far are you?” I asked. “Im just in the safe zone“ she said as if I am suppose to know what she meant. I didn’t ask. Hasina looked at her and said, “when I was three months pregnant I already looked like a whale”. Hasina seemed visibly more cheery now. The rest of the group began to comment on how skinny Zaheera still is. “I hired a personal trainer at the gym, who specializes in pregnant women” Zaheera said, proud of her teenage body. “If you carry on like this” said Amina “you will probably give birth to a six-pack of abs”, I nearly snorted my cappuccino out of my nose with laughter, as everyone began to laugh at her joke.

“Well you know you have to be fit” zaheera defended, “With my first baby..” she began the story Husna had told me about and here it is I thought as I caught Mumtaz and a few other ladies eyes roll and we shared a secret moment where we all knew what was coming. “…and she was 3.5 kg and I gave birth naturally without even a panado”,  Zaheera finished her story. Some ladies who hadn’t hard the story oohed and aahed and Zaheera was clearly proud of her achievement.

Hasina nudged me in the ribs, her spirits lifted , and said, “with my first birth, I took every painkiller they would give me” she laughed. I looked down at my tummy and wondered if I would ever have stories like this to share. “Are you ok?” Hasina asked me noticing my sudden change in mood. I looked at her, desperate to tell her my every fear and express my need to have what they all have. Instead I looked at her and nodded with a forced smile.

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