CHAPTER 16 (continued)

Posted: July 4, 2014 in Uncategorized

transformation definition

My first instinct is to laugh at the waitresses comment, but a glance at Amina’s face – full of compassion and curiosity – throws me for a moment and I am stunned.

Amina’s reaction to the waitress is inviting and she urges the waitress to continue by folding her arms and nodding.

” er,  I can only afford to study nursing”. I am suddenly shocked. I didn’t ever think that a waitress or server could have any other aspirations, or maybe I didn’t care.

“Im sure you will be a good nurse,” Amina says just as people begin to shout their orders to her. When the waitress returns to the kitchen, a lady in the group, in an armchair on the other end of the table says arrogantly “I just know she is going to mess that order up, I cant tell you how many times I had to send my order back last time”,  and another buzz around  begins.

A few minutes later. Mumtaz gets up , “Anyone wants to play a boardgame” she asks . A few ladies nod and she walks over to the shelf just a few meters away. She comes back with ‘30 seconds’ and another waitress, who immediately sets up a foldup table just the right size for us. Mumtaz puts the boardgame down in front of Sumayya, a tall woman in a beautifully tied headscarf, who unfortunately seemed to have overdosed on make up. She and her cronies squeal with joy at that end of the table. The foldup table is low and long, and everyone begins to hunch forward and huddle over it.  I smile and think, “this should be fun”, and I mentally rub my hands together. How much general knowledge do these women really know?

  1. shabeeha says:

    Salaams All

    I hope you are all reaping the great benefits of Ramadaan. Please do continue to add me and my family in your duas.
    Hope you are enjoy the new posts. With Taraweeh at night, updating the blog has been challenging but do continue to look out for new updates.
    Please also share your thoughts on the posts I love to hear what you think. Thank you so much to all of those commenting. Enjoy. S.

  2. suraya says:

    Jazaakallah for an awesome blog, with a different story, I’m really enjoying reading it

  3. shabeeha says:

    Thank you Suraya. This is the turning point in my story. Watch this space. There are some surprises to come. S.

  4. Saff says:

    I sat up from sehri reading the blog, just couldn’t stop! An amazing blog and interesting story line! I’m hooked and cnt wait for the next chapter… Well written keep up the amazing work… Is there an e-mail to subscribe to for when the next post comes? Jzks

    • shabeeha says:

      Thank you so much Saff. I am humbled by your comment and so grateful that you and so many appreciate the story line. Please send an email to to receive updates. do keep reading and continue to share your thoughts on the blog. S.

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