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transformation definitionCHAPTER 16 – Farnaz


I walk nervously into the coffee shop and scan the room. My palms are sweaty and I pat down my pastel pink chenille jacket in an attempt to dry them. i look down at my clothes and fix my frilled collar of my inside satin shirt. I had forgotten that I even had this shirt. My nude pants and strappy sandals are the perfect accompaniment to the outfit. Thank goodness for Husna, if not for her , I probably would have ended up wearing one of my work suits. I nervously run my fingers through my hair. I can’t remember the last time it lay loose at my shoulders instead of being up in a bun or a French twist. “Table for one?” the hostess at the shop appears from nowhere. “No actually I am meeting a group of women” i hesitate, “er, they just got here as well” I can feel my palms clam up again. My eyes dart across the room still trying to find the group of women I am meeting.

“Where you guys?” a voice from behind says loudly. I turn around as if to find the missing auxillary, and see a woman walking decidedly towards us. It is Mumtaz from Taalim, and I breathe a sigh of relief. With her here I know she will find the rest. Mumtaz slows down and gives the hostess a nod and gestures towards me and the back of the coffee shop. The hostess indicates that she has understood and leaves. Looking at me now, still phone to ear, she holds up her hand and concentrates on the voice in the phone. “Ok, we here. See youz now” she says with no regard for grammar and clicks her phone off.

“Farnaz!” Mumtaz says, acknowledging me now and wraps me in a warm hug. “Nadi said they are all here already. Just you and I are missing. Come on, they on the terrace” she says indicating that I should follow her. Mumtaz leads the way towards the end of the large seated area and turns the corner. I have never been to this particular place before. I have had many business meetings around the area of Rosebank, and as a student knew it well. This spot is new though. It is set in a relaxed atmostphere decorated with couches and comfy armchairs.

As we turn the corner I see the terrace. It is a large indoor – outdoor space overlooking a perfectly manicured garden. The atmosphere here can best be described as leisurely-Sunday-afternoon. Large sofa loungers and soft sinkable couches form the border pieces. There are several groups of people here already and at the end towards the balcony I see the ladies from taalim. Mumtaz stops for a moments and looks back at me, “Isn’t this just perfect?” she asks me rhetorically and takes a breath as if she is trying to breathe the ambience into her lungs so that it can flow through her blood. It seems outwardly idiotic, but for a second I wonder if it could be possible. To capture this scene as a feeling tingling through my blood would surely be fantastic. The room is decorated in several shades of green drawing in the trees and nature from the garden below. There are no coffee tables here, just side tables dotted around the room creating the informal feel. We continue to walk in the direction of our party. There is an excited buzz coming from there already as the ladies begin chatting. I rehearse in my head, Faheema – baking, Zaheera – travel agent. Wait isn’t Zaheera the baker? Oh Shit, I think as we reach the ladies.

hijab coffee shop

coffee shop

  1. shabeeha says:

    I hope you enjoy the posts. During Ramadaan I will updating only once a week. so look out for it. HAPPY READING. S.

  2. mohsena says:

    Aslkm.Just discovered your awesome blog a few days ago and couldnt stop reading until I was up to date .Now i cannot wait for your next post .Your story is written so well and has touched me deeply on so many occasions .We constantly need to be reminded to appreciate things and people dear to us and this story does it for me .There certainly were many “tear jerker “moments .jzkl so much for sharing your wonderful writings with us andmay you continue to do so .wslm.

    • shabeeha says:

      Ws. Thank you so much for your beautiful comment Mohsena.I am glad that the story has moved you in reading it, just as it has for me, in writing it.
      Enjoy the new posts and do continue to share your thoughts.

      jazakallah u kair. S.

  3. suraya says:

    السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته which day will u be updating during ramadaan, looking forward to new posts

    • shabeeha says:

      Ws. My intention was to post whenever I get a chance however with taraweeh I am pressed for time. There is no specific day, but I hope you enjoy todays post.
      P.s. Let me know if you would like to be added to email list. You will receive an email when a post is added.


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