CHAPTER 15 (continued)

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transformation definition

Sometimes in life the things that you cannot change , end up changing you.

Elizabeth brings my breakfast just as the doorbell rings. She goes back to answer it. A few minutes later I see waseem walk towards the patio. “Twice in two days” I tease him.

“Yes, I can’t stay away from my little sister” he teases back. The atmosphere is really relaxed and he sits next to me at the table. “Salaams” he greets Suhayl, who is the only tensed one here. “Salaams” Suhayl greets back without looking up.

“will you have some tea?” I ask Waseem.

“no thanks” he responds, “Yusuf organized a Muslim rehab centre and told me this morning when I called. Im taking Suhayl there this morning” he said.

My first thought was to offer to join them, but I remembered that I have still have to speak to Yusuf about the powder I found in his jacket pocket that morning.

“Will you be back later?” I ask half knowing the answer. “I don’t think so” Waseem says, “I think Suhayl will stay there for at least a week. That reminds me”, he turns to Suhayl, “We have to pick up your clothes from home” Suhayl nods and gets up. Waseem follows. I get up as well. The three of us walk to the door in silence. Then we stop at the door. “Thank you” Suhayl says to me and hugs me tightly. I have to shut my eyes tightly to stop myself from crying. I want to be strong now. “You’ll be ok” I whisper to him.

Yusuf appears from nowhere, dressed and in charge. He hands Waseem a note. “Here are the directions, Are you sure you don’t want me to come with?” he asks Waseem. Waseem nods and looks at the note. “I know where this is”. “I just called them to confirm, when you get there ask for Moulana Desai, he is the case councelor” yousuf instructs as my brothers begin to walk out the door. I stand in the driveway, watching them get in the car and then watch until the car is just a spot down the road.farewell hud


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