CHAPTER 15 (continued)

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transformation definition


He picked up the envelope and handed it to me. “Read it” he instructed. I took it from him. My hands were shaking with anxiety, and fumbling at the paper. i read.



Re: Submission for review

We thank you once again for your submission of the work to our department for review. Due to the backlog that the department had been experiencing we apologise that you are only receiving this communication now. As you may imagine, this department receives many unsolicited portfolios of which few are to the standard of the institution. We would like to therefore congratulate you on your submission of “The Park” that has shown promise in use of medium and technique. We would therefore like to invite the artist to participate in our upcoming private course for advanced sketching as a guest of the school in order to fine tune the natural talent that the artist clearly possesses. If you would like to accept the offer, please reply via e mail and the dates of the course will be forwarded.

Submissions Correspondence

Design Arts Studio – Bryanston


I read it again just to make sure. I cant believe my mother submitted my sketch. “The Park” was her favourite and she always said she was going to show it to ‘arty people’ but I had no idea she had done this. The flood gates were threatening again and I hadn’t even realized that a single tear had begun to roll down my cheeks. I looked up at Waseem and saw Yusuf standing behind him confused. I handed him the paper since my voice was nowhere to be found. “She knew you were good” Waseem said gently. “You know, she always said you took after her, made us boys feel bad” he said with a side smile and a wink, “she was right” he said matter of factly.

He turned to Yusuf, “She would take her pencil and notebook everywhere just in case she saw something to draw” he said proudly. I smiled at him. He looked at me earnestly , “I just thought you would like to know about this” he said. “Mummy would have been so proud of you, Hasina. She always knew you had talent” . Waseem stood up.

“I…er…its just” he seemed a  loss for words. “This is what she would have wanted for you, The art school , I mean” uncomfortably he looked at his watch. He took a breath and half stretch. “its been one heck of a night”, he walked over and put on his jacket. “I will come by tomorrow to check on Suhayl” he said as Yusuf walked him out, I nodded. “Thank  you, Waseem” I said my voice unsteady. Thank you I repeated softly to myself.


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