CHAPTER 15 (continued)

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Yusuf gets up and walks out of the room. I guess he sensed the brother sister moment. I sit for a few minutes with Waseem wordlessly. It is silent but the unspoken words between us bring me comfort. My thoughts drift through the past year and then out of nowhere I break the silence.

“I’m sorry” I say just above a whisper. Waseem looks startled. “for what?” he asks slightly amused. “it’s been a year and I have been so selfish only thinking of myself. I hardly visit you and Suhayl…” my voice trails off. “ If only I was more involved. If mummy was still around…” Waseem stops me from continuing. “We all have our ways of dealing with stress, Hasina. And about Suhayl…Don’t you think I thought the same thing?” he had a pained look on his face as he said that. But we have to just do what we can from now” he said. He straightened up and looked serious. “We already discussed Suhayl. This is about you now”.

Me? I thought. He began again to explain. “So most of the estate has been sorted out already” he said, his tone and posture changing. I recognize this. This was Waseem – The Lawyer. I nodded. “A friend of mine took some time but managed to gain access to mummy’s e mail account and I have managed to sort out her catering business” he said. I nodded again. This was not critical news to me. A few months ago we did discuss that he would be in charge of doing that. “ok, good”, I said, wondering how this could be about me. He continued, “I went through most of her e mails to make sure there were no unpaid bills or anything that we may have overlooked”, he said. I nodded impressed at his thoroughness. “everything seems to be in order” he finished. He got up and walked over to the couch and picked up his jacket. He pulled out an envelope from the inside pocket and walked back to the table. He sat down and paused for a moment without saying anything and put the envelope on the table in front of me. This was too much. Waseem usually is very formal. But this was ridiculous. “a few weeks ago, there was an email on her account that surprised me and…” he stopped mid sentence. “I think it has to do with you. I printed it out”.

My heart began to beat faster and I could hear the blood pump in my ears. What is this all about?

Waseem picked up the envelope and handed it to me. “Read it” he instructed.

I took it from him. My hands were shaking with anxiety, and fumbling at the paper. i read.

  1. suraya says:

    I love this blog, it gets more n more interesting, keep up the awesome writing

  2. shabeeha says:

    Thank you all for reading. Please do check out the poetry page that I have added and let me know what you think. Happy reading. S.

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