CHAPTER 15 (continued)

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An hour an a half later, Waseem finally stops talking. He had suspected for a long time that Suhayl has been experimenting with drugs… Drugs ! When he says it my heart sinks. Yusuf wears a guilty look but says nothing. This is Waseem’s show. “He came to me about three months ago” waseem explained, “He wanted advice about a new business venture – Importing Chinese cellphones. He met some local businessmen when he went on holiday to the State.”

I remember when Suhayl told me he was going to America with some friends. It was a few months after our mother’s funeral. I thought he was being disrespectful. If I couldn’t run away from the truth of my mother’s death I didn’t want anyone else too either. I know i was being selfish and I felt guilty about that, and now I feel guilty again. I never bothered asking him about his trip or even visiting him when he got back. “Well” waseem continued, “The business has been booming, as you may have guessed, but these partners of his – shady characters. I mentioned the one’s name to Shamima and she said that her friends cousins neighbour or someone” he waved his hand in the air indicating he wasn’t exactly sure, “was married to one of the guys and got divorced because he was on drugs.”  Waseem explained that of course he had to follow up and find out for sure , “ you know women and their gossip” he said jokingly , lightening the mood momentarily. I rolled my eyes at him. “it turned out to be true” he said.

Waseem had confronted Suhayl a few weeks ago and Suhayl admitted to doing some “recreational light stuff” and promised to get some professional help. “its horrible to say this about your own blood, but I didn’t believe him”, Waseem said regretfully, his voice shaky. “Why didn’t you tell me anything?” I asked angry and hurt at the same time. “ I could have helped” I offered, more angry at myself for not knowing what was happening in my brothers life. “I’m sorry” waseem apologized. “with your…” he hesitated and looked at Yusuf regretfully, “er…history. I thought it was easier for me to handle it on my own.” Yusuf shook his head slightly and bowed, he seemed ashamed that his drug history was being referred to. “Well I was wrong.” Waseem said abruptly, “It was Yusuf that Suhayl called the other night and tonight for help.” That last statement came as a big surprise. I looked at Yusuf. He stared back at me impassively. Suhayl called Yusuf for help? Is that why he went to Westpark? But why didn’t he just tell me? I couldn’t ask Yusuf now. I decided to wait until we were alone.



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