CHAPTER 15 (continued)

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I have never been so thankful for a Saturday morning. I really needed the extra sleep after a night like last night. My eyes flutter open and I look at my bedside clock. It is 7am. I listen for the children as I usually do forgetting for a moment that they are away. The silence reminds me, and with that I remember all the happenings of the night before. I creep out of bed to the guest room to check on Suhayl. He is still fast asleep. I kneel down at the bed and look at him. We share the same mouth and chin. From the three of us, Suhayl and I are the most similar in appearance. He has a youthful look to his face even though he is just two years younger than me. He seems to be in deep sleep. I cover him with the sheet and head back to my bedroom hoping to steal few minutes more of sleep.

I creep into bed slowly trying not to wake Yusuf. I lay awake for a while and try to grasp all that has happened in the last 24 hours. Our Jummah lunch with the in laws seems like it was weeks ago. I look over at Yusuf and he is still fast asleep. I didn’t get to speak to him last night as I had hoped. There was just so much else going on.

The meeting waseem had called was partly to discuss suhayls drug issue but there was another reason. I had no idea. I really didn’t think I could take anymore surprises last night but Waseem insisted. I think back to last night when Waseen told me his other reason for wanting to meet.

“So it’s been a whole year” Waseem had began. I nodded wordlessly immediately knowing that he was referring to our mothers death. I didn’t need any other clue, the look on his face said it all. Waseem is the rock in the family. He is the young boy who stood up and took over the father position when it became vacant. Yet, it is times like this that I see my brother – and not the strong man that he usually is. I sometimes forget that, that is all he was meant to be. He takes a breath and sighs. His rigidness falls away and his body softens with his exhale. He looks at me, takes my hand and squeezes it. No words could ever be substituted for such a gesture. Sometimes – words are just useless.

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  1. shabeeha says:

    Enjoy the posts. My next update will be on Wednesday. Happy reading. S.

  2. amy says:

    Oh no:'( please don’t leave us in suspense for soooo long

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