CHAPTER 15 (continued)

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ImageSometimes change can be a beautiful thing. – Katie Couric

Allowing all the information Waseem just gave me to sink in, the two men began talking aside. All the information began to marinate in my  head. Yusuf told me today just before lunch that he went to Westpark , but that he could explain. Is this what he meant? And Suhayl…oh my poor baby brother. Tears pricked my eyes as I wonder how alone he must have felt to have been drawn to this. I have been so selfish. I had Yusuf and my family to comfort me after my mother’s death, but Suhayl? He was all alone. I have been a horrible sister. He was so young when we lost our father. He grew up the fastest and he still lived at home with my mother right up until that day. I thought he was the lucky one to have lived with her and shared her days, maybe I was even a bit jealous, but actually he probably was reminded of her absence more than any one else. The cold tears flowed down my cheeks as I realized that my mother would have been devastated to hear of this. She would have wanted me to hold our little family together. She always said that a woman is the glue in a family, and without a woman to hold the family together, it will fall apart. I have neglected my two brothers for a domestic life in the suburbs, for that I am ashamed and embarrassed. I close my eyes since that is the best way to hear my mothers voice in my head. I need to be the glue to hold the family together. I can’t let our family fall apart. My mother would not have.

I make tea and we sit around the table. Waseem and Yusuf have hatched a plan of action. I listen in silence. Rehab, counseling, cutting ties with business partners, these are the conditions. Waseem is adamant and there is no negotiating with him. My own plan is running through my head, a plan to bring me closer to my brothers. The men are talking details and as they do, I suddenly say, “He will live here. Where he has family support and home cooked meals” I state firmly. Waseem and Yusuf look up at me together. “Are you sure?” Waseem asks, “You and Yusuf can discuss it, and..” I cut him off, “It is what mummy would have wanted” I say to Waseem looking at him straight in his eyes as both our eyes glisten with tears at the mention of our mother. My gaze falls to Yusuf and he smiles kindly and nods.

I am on a roll and I continue, “He will need you too, Waseem” I say to my older brother. “I want to see you here as often as possible. He will need both of us” I say to him. His lips quiver ever so slightly as he tries to blink back his emotion. I have never seen my strong brothers sensitive side before.

Another cup of tea later and it seems all the details are ironed out. I look at the clock and it is really late. “Waseem you should call Shamima and tell her you are still here” I said to my brother thinking she must be so worried. “ I called her when we just got her and sent a text half an hour ago. impressed by my brothers sense of responsibility and etiquette to his wife,I shot a look at Yusuf and he got the hint. “well, I guess we done here,” I said. “not quite” said Waseem. Oh, Shit! I thought. There is more.




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