CHAPTER 15 (continued)

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I look to both men for some explanation, but neither of them respond. “What’s wrong with Suhayl?” I finally ask clearly not forcefully enough as the two men hesitate and exchange glances. “He fell asleep in the car” Waseem finally offers unconvincingly. After a brief pause in the passage way, Waseem turns to Yusuf and in that tone again asks, “the guest bedroom?” Yusuf nods. Then he looks at me acknowledging me for the first time. “The kids are asleep?” he says questioningly. I shake my head. “They went home with your parents” I respond. He seems relieved.

I look at Suhayl. He looks like he is fighting sleep, his eye flutter open and closed. He seems restless. The two men then shimmy pass me supporting my younger brother who doesn’t seem to have acknowledged anything that has just transpired. They continue to carry him up the stairs, his feet barely touching the ground. It doesn’t add up. Suhayl – the night owl, fell asleep? He looked… out of it. He looked… my thoughts trail off scared to even think about the possibility. Oh My God, Suhayl. It is at that precise moment my mind begins processing things together. Why did Yusuf and Waseem arrive together? Where is Waseems car? What is this meeting about tonight? Where did Yusuf go tonight? What the HELL is going on?


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