CHAPTER 14 (final)

Posted: June 18, 2014 in Uncategorized
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The traffic was calm since it was Saturday and I put the address into the GPS. The little coffee shop was in a small shopping complex just passed the rosebank mall. I got there just in time to see a large black Mercedes 4×4 spew out four Indian women dressed to impress. Long silky hair and shimmer tops paired with skinny jeans and heels seemed to be the formulae. A closer look revealed that they were indeed the women I was meeting today. I spotted a tiny petite woman, That had to be Zaheera, her body was the shape of a fifteen year old but her face told a different story. I silently thanked Husna for her fashion advice at the same time I was grateful that I kept the outfit more simple than extravagant. I circled the parking lot searching for a parking, silently hoping not to find one. That way I had an excuse to turn the car around and put the pedal to the metal in the other direction. As if the angel of the parking lot had other ideas, a shady spot close to the entrance opened up by sheer miracle. OK, I said to myself. Lets do this. I turned off my GPS who kept insisting that I had reached my destination, and was about to get off the car when I looked out of the windscreen and saw Hasina Vally  walk pass me towards the coffee shop. What was she doing here? I thought. I watched as she walked into the same place I was going. The thought of her being here, actually made me feel calmer. I thought about our conversation the day at her house. She surprised me in a much unexpected way. Seeing her here actually made me want to do this. I gathered my courage anew and got out of the car. Maybe today won’t be so bad after all, I thought as I walked towards the coffee shop.

  1. amy says:

    جزاك الله خير for the lovely posts. Very captivating story, leaving you on edge waiting for more;)

  2. suraya says:

    Love this blog, when is the next post

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