CHAPTER 14 (continued)

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“agh” I said , brushing it off. Despite what I had told Husna I was really nervous about going today. These ladies have been friends with each other for ages. They talk shopping and sales, shoes and shampoo. Without Husna as my wing woman I was not as confident as I was at Taalim. Who was I kidding? I can’t do this.

“You going for coffee, right?” Hussain asked stopping me from total mental self destruction. I nodded. “im glad you made friends at that party. I knew you would”, he said assuredly. I looked at him puzzled. “you know, that’s the only reason I went to the party with you. I usually hate that kind of stuff” he said matter-of-factly now oiling a sticky wheel. Who is this man? I thought. He came to the party to help me make new friends? If I believed in aliens I would be sure my husband was abducted by aliens and they have kindly replaced him with the man I used to know. Sensing my anxiety he said, “im sure you’ll be fine, Nazi, as long as you don’t start buying jimmy choo’s and dye your hair blonde” he snickered. I was shocked into silence unsure whether to laugh or to cry. He hadn’t called me Nazi in almost a year, and yet it rolled of his tongue so naturally, and the Jimmy choo reference. Ok, I had to laugh. “You know what Jimmy Choos are?” I asked laughing hard. “No” he admitted. It was his turn to laugh, and when he did I caught a glimpse into my past…and now hopefully my future. “Apparently every woman at work wants some Jimmy Choos…” he shrugged his shoulders. “Its designer shoes and handbags that cost a small fortune” I said, not believing that I was actually educating my husband in fashion. He shook his head, probably at the thought of a woman spending a fortune on a handbag.

After lunch Hussain didn’t go back into the shed. He sat in the kitchen as I cleared the table. I remembered to tell him about my mother in laws call and mentioned that Sawliha may be engaged soon. He listened as I conveyed the funny MiaBhai story my mother in law told me. I began to babble on about my meeting with Mr. Ebrahim and the lucrative deal I made with him for leasing his commercial property. I hadn’t spoken to him like this in so long, it felt so good to be able to just talk without any pressure. Hussain was impressed with my business skills and suggested that I hire some more staff to do take on that new work. He mentioned his breakthrough with the design project. Now that he managed to source the materials more cheaply, the project should come within budget despite all the design setbacks. I was just about to ask him what he thought of the Vally house, when he looked at the clock and said, “you better go now or else you will be late.” When I glanced at the kitchen clock, I saw he was right. Taking a deep breath I stood up and headed for my keys. “If you leave after five, don’t take Oxford road,” he warned, “There will be too much traffic. Go down Jan smuts and come through fordsburg and catch the M1”.

“erm, ok” I replied. See you later” I said as I closed the door behind me.


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