CHAPTER 14 (continued)

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I take it the appointment note with me as I walk down back to the kitchen and put the piece of paper back onto the fridge knowing that the date and time was etched into my brain and I was just laying the table for lunch when Hussain walked into the kitchen. He is holding the wheel stabilizers of his plane and the wheels in the other.

“I need another pair of hands” he said laying the parts down on the kitchen table. Without looking at me he handed me the wheels and said “Hold this. I am going to join these stabilizers and when I line it up, slot it through the hole, then I will anchor it at the base”. Huh? I thought, but I reluctantly took the wheels. The confused look on my face seemed to amuse him and he laughed and said, “ok look. When I do this..” – he lined up the two steel rods that, at just the right angle, created a long slot. Then he picked up the wheel. “You do this” he said as he slotted the wheels hinge into the gap between the steel poles. “Keep it steady, he instructed, so that I can then bolt it through”. Having a vague idea now of what was expected of me I nodded. I can’t remember if he ever asked me to help him before. No. he never did. I thought. “Ok, you ready?” he asked me. This time he looked up at me and smiled. I nodded and held his gaze. When his eyes fell to the air plane parts in front of us I saw his face turn to full concentration. He lined up the parts with ease and I slotted the wheel in, clumsily at first. “Hold it steady” he said while he reached for his bolt and threaded it through to hold everything in place, securing it with a nut on the other end. When he was done I let go. He picked it up and tested the wheels movement and the strength of the join. He nodded pleased with the result. He looked at me and said, “There is one more wheel to do. Must I bring it here or …” he didn’t need to finish. “Let me finish setting the table then I’ll come to the shed” I said.

When we had finished with the second wheel i examined the rest of the plane. It was a masterpiece of metal, fiberglass and aluminum. The wheels seem to be the only thing missing from this impressive aircraft. It was smaller than the spitfire but it looked much more complicated. “Where are you going to put this one” I asked looking at the spitfire that was suspended from the ceiling. “This one is not for show” he said proudly and turned around and picked up something from the floor. “This one is entertainment” he smiled as his eyes widened and he held out held out the large R/C remote to me.




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