CHAPTER 14 (continiued)

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“oooh Im so excited for you” Husna said now getting all emotional. “it’s like sending your child out to school on their own for the first time” she said. I laughed at her analogy.

“I’ll be ok mummy” I teased. She pretended to sniff and wipe fake tears away from her eyes with a tissue. We be both began to laugh hysterically.

When she regained her composure she said, “You know Farnaz, you seem little different today. I’m glad I skyped you, You even look happier. I’m glad you looking forward to this.”

I wondered if I should tell her the real reason for my optimism. I have had a change of heart, ever since Hussain and I had ‘the talk’. I decided not to say anything. Not yet anyways.

“Thanks” I said. “Maybe your Capetownian style is starting to rub off on me” I joked.

“Hmm. That wouldn’t be such a bad thing”, she sighed. “Hey almost forgot to ask you… did Daddi tell you about Sawliha?”

“Yes, I spoke to Tasneem also and she is planning a crazy function for that day” I said as I remembered that I forgot to tell Hussain.

“We will be coming down for the fixing. Tasneem said they may just do engagement one time. she even asked me to make a dried fruit and nuts parcel for the boys side” she laughed. “you joburger Indians, really do some strange things, In die Kaap,” she began in her Afrikaans malay accent “die Kaapse kinders sal een klap kry if they ask for such nonsense”.

“You just jealous because you never asked for kunchas,” I teased.

“Back then Nazi,” she said, “we were lucky if we got an engagement ring”, she joked. Husna was married about 12 years before me, Things were definitely different but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t quite so bad.

“I will bring everything from here, but you better help me with the kuncha” she continued.

“ill have to check my schedule”, I teased again.

“hmm Farnaz, you really are in a good mood today. I can’t remember the last time you were so easy going” she said sincerely.

“Let me go, I can hear the boys killing each other in the TV room. You know the day the X box came into this house, my sanity packed up and left” she complained.

“You better be on your best behavior today ” she warned me, “and I want to hear all about today, with details, when I come next week” she emphasized.

“OK, I promise” I said

“Salaams and duas, Nazi” she said,

“salaams” I responded and logged off.

As I watched my iPad time out, I caught my reflection in the screen. Did I really look happier? I thought as I lifted my head to find my dressing table mirror. I studied my face carefully in the mirror.

I certainly felt different. I felt lighter and I guess I sat up straighter. I sat looking in the mirror. I did look different, I thought.



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