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The smallest change in perspective can transform a life. What tiny attitude adjustment might turn your world around? – Oprah Winfrey

“Agh, nee” said Husna into the phone. She called this morning to prep me for the coffee date today with the ladies from Taalim. She seemed disappointed that I hadn’t been planning every detail in advance since the day I last spoke to her. “Do you at least know what you are going to wear? She asks me accusingly.” I think for a second. “Jeans and a T-shirt?” I ask back uncertainly, bracing myself for a backlash. “O here-re” she says exasperated. “you have to make a good first impression. The last time you were all in abhaya in hijaab so that doesn’t even count”, she proclaims. “ok ,Ok” I surrendered, “What do you suggest?”.

“where’s your iPad?” she asks suddenly. I am amused at her question, “You know what an iPad is?” I laugh mockingly into the phone. Husna is old fashioned and doesn’t even carry her cellphone with her most of the time. “yes, of course, I’m not that old” she says accusingly. “Bilal was using it the other day to skip his friend in joburg”, she said arrogantly. He 12 year old son was definitely more tech savvy than she was.

“You mean skype?” I tried not to laugh again, unsuccessfully.

“ya, ya skype, Bilal showed me. Get your iPad” she ordered as she hung up.

I scanned my bedroom. My ipad was on my bedside table. a few minutes later it beeped to life. I was impressed, it was Husna on the other end.

“See, I told you I could use it“ she said as I set the ipad up on my dresser so I could sit facing it.

It took half an hour to choose an outfit that she was happy with. I had to parade half my closet in front of the screen while she took a mental note of everything, then like magic spewed out clothing combinations I never would have thought of. “pretty good for an old woman” I teased her.

With my outfit sorted she began coaching me on conversation. “Faheema is good with baking so ask her about her new creations. Zaheera used to be a travel agent so you can talk about Zanzibar or other exotic countries…”

“who Is Zaheera again?” I asked worried that I was going to get them all mixed up.

“Zaheera is the petite one, very tall and thin, I don’t know how she managed to push out a 3.5 kg baby, without any pain killers. By the way she is definitely  going to mention that. I don’t think I ever speak to her without her mentioning it. Oh and you can’t miss Amina, she is always dressed to impress. She never leaves home without bright…”.  “Just in case the world Is plunged into darkness” I interjected, “… and we need her to light our way” I teased. “That’s nasty Farnaz” Husna scolded me, “She is a sweety pie when you get to know her. Her clothes match her personalty, you’ll see.” She stopped and started again suddenly.  “Oh and please don’t talk about politics or economics or crime….please! you do not want to traumatize these women, you want to make friends”

“Ok, no real meaningful conversation. Got it”, I made a mental note.

Husna laughed. “just until they like you.” She continued a little more seriously, Now trying to look my in the eye, but finding it difficult to do it over skype. “These ladies have hectic lives Nazi, they want to get together and just chillax without having to sort out the worlds problems.”

That statement caught me completely by surprise and I had to stop myself from choking on my laughter. Hectic lives? What can be so hectic about driving all day in your husband’s Luxury car, shopping and going for coffee? I wondered, but I didn’t say anything to Husna,




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