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I walk in. Its obvious to see that the hard stuff is all here. Darts and blow, bulbs and rods. Back then I never tried any of the hard stuff. “Pretty Boy” I hear someone scream. He is looking at me. “You back” he says menacingly. I remember him from the other day. I walk over and hand him a R100 note and I get a small packet of white powder in return. That’s my ticket to stay, I think to myself. He hands me some rocks and a dart. I refuse- I always hated needles. I walk out to the back where most of the people have gathered.

I’m still holding the packet in my hands. I lift it up and shake it around. It’s exactly like the one I got the other day. My hands tremble slightly at the realization of what I could easily do. I take the packet and put it in my pocket. I’m looking around and scanning the crowd. Most of them dazed and confused, I remember that look, I think, hell I had that look every week back then. A few more steps and I stop hard – almost losing my balance.

I see the familiar silver DB9, so out of place in a place like this. Then there is Suhayl, Hasina’s brother, crashed over the bonnet. He has thrown up over himself and there are broken bulbs and empty syringes around him. The bile rises into my throat as I think the worst. I hope I am not too late. I say a silent prayer that he called me tonight before it was too late. Then before I can react Waseem appears from behind the car. How he managed to get here before me is astounding. I called him quickly from my study just before I left, knowing I would need the backup. I catch the look in his eye and a moment passes between us. We both know what we need to do. Without saying a word I dash towards them and help Waseem get his brother into the car.





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