CHAPTER 13 (continued)

Posted: June 10, 2014 in Uncategorized

transformation definition


Ten minutes driving and I am on automatic pilot. The road is so familiar, I have done this drive a thousand times over. Before this week it had been about seven years since I drove to Westpark.  Even though I had been clean for years I never drove through the area, even out of curiosity. It is not exactly the type of drive you make on a Sunday afternoon with a wife and two kids in the back. It is the kind of trip that you make as a sixteen year old with your friends crammed into your new golf GTI. Rich kids with nothing better to do.

Driving into the town I could see that not much has changed. The streets are dimly lit  since most of the street lights are either broken or not working. The houses are small and semidetached making your neighbour your Siamese twin. The outside walls of some houses have been painted in grafitti some artistic, most obscene. Trash lines the streets and the sound of loud music far away filters through the streets. People sit outside their houses in camping chairs wearing little more than their underwear trying to catch a breeze on a hot night. Young children run around aimlessly with snotty noses and dirty hands. I don’t think I ever noticed any of this when I was younger.

Back then I was just a rich boy with an expensive hobby looking for the next high. It is not the case now.

My destination is the empty used car lot. As I drive towards it I can see what I remember to be the usual Friday night scene. I realize that it is the source of the loud music. Actually it is more like a doof, doof noise instead of music. A few scantily dressed girls, no older than 15 are dancing together, provocatively. There is a group of men leaning against their cars and watching while the familiar cloud of smoke hovers over them. They have bongs and pipes for burning logs (smoking dagga). There are several others passed out on the ground and a few boy girl couples in need of a hotel room. I drive around the scene and park my car with the other empty cars The main event is not here I think and I head over to where I suspect the others are. The abandoned used car office. He said to meet him there.



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