CHAPTER 12 (continued)

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Jameela returned showing me a scrape on her knee. “It doesn’t hurt mummy”, she said bravely. I looked down at the bleeding knee. My father in law was already wetting a tissue and cleaning of the sand and blood.

“Let me get the plasters” I said as I headed back into the house.

The first aid set is in the children’s playroom and I rush upstairs to get it. As I am leaving I hear Yusuf on the phone again….Another private conversation? I wonder to myself. This time I don’t have to strain my ears to listen. He isn’t lowering his voice. He thinks everyone is outside.

“OK, where?”…“I’m coming”…”yes, Now”…”I’ll make a plan”…”Ok, it’s the last time”.

Then there is no more sound. I hear my bedroom closet door open. I dash downstairs. I am putting on Jameela’s plaster when Yusuf comes and announces that he has to leave. He looks at me pleadingly. “I have Friday afternoon off work, but they need me to come in urgently” he said.

“Sure, go, your work is important” his mother said. “We will stay here with Hasina and the kids” my father in law offered, as Yusuf made his way out to the car.

“you really don’t have to” I said to them when Yusuf had left. “I’m sure he won’t be long”.

“Don’t be silly” said my father in law. “We don’t mind.”

After convincing them that we will be fine and promising to call him if I needed anything my father in law and mother in law left. They did insist on taking the kids for a sleepover, to which I obliged. I packed some clothes for the children and kissed them goodbye. Now I was alone.

My instinct told me Yusuf was not at work but I called just to make sure. I pretended to be a biometrics consultant that needed to speak to him urgently. “No, Mam. Mr. Vally doesn’t work on Friday afternoons, but I can put you through to Mr. James. He stands in for any emergencies; no wait most of the management staff left at 4,30pm”

“o, Okay” I said and hung up.

I look at the clock it is just gone 5pm.

I call Yusuf and I hear it in ringing in the house. He left it at home.

I find his phone in the study and look frantically through it for any clues but there’s nothing on it that can help me. Desperately  I open draws and start going through all his property paperwork. I feel like a thief. Should I really be doing this? Is this what other wives do? Of course not. I try to think of someone and Farnaz pops into my head. Women like Farnaz seems so strong and collected. She probably lives a fairytale life without having to go through her husbands things.  Is this what she would do?

Almost an hour later I find a small silver frame, face down at the bottom of the cupboard. It’s my amateur sketch of the Eiffel tower. He kept it, I thought.

I repack the study and head out. He said I should trust him, and …I will, I do.

I check my phone. It’s a message from Waseem. “Im gonna be a little late, will explain later”

That’s it. I have to wait for my brothers, but when they leave, I will make Yusuf tell me everything.

  1. amy says:

    What a cliffhanger. Really hooked, can’t wait to read more. Thanks for the posts;)

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