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Two days have gone by so quickly. I have not discovered anything useful. I check his phone when he is in the bathroom. I search his jacket pockets whenever I get a chance, but nothing yet. I need the evidence. He has been perfectly normal without even a hint of change. If he truly has gone back to the drugs, he is hiding it very well.

“Hasina are you OK?” he asks me as I am getting ready for bed.

He has caught me off guard.

“er, yes. I’m just tired” I lied.

“I know dropping the kids off early and then picking them up has to be tiring. It’s a long drive.” He says understandingly. “but you also seem a bit anxious and quiet these past few days”

“really?”, I asked. Well I been wondering what you have been up to behind my back, I think.

“so you never told me what happened that night when you went to meet Moosa” I blurted out what my head was thinking.

“oh”, he said, a little thrown by my question. He made a show of putting on his pyjama top. He is probably trying to stall for time. “Moosa needed…some business advice” he said hesitantly.

“at eight o clock at night???” I asked my tone escalating. I climbed into bed. Didn’t he tell me that he needed to pick something up? He lied to me, I thought.

“Hassie, I’m sorry I didn’t call you, but I told you my cell went dead”, he continued, “you not angry about that are you?” he walked over and touched my cheek, as I sat up in bed.

“No” I lied, my anger dissipating. He is so gentle and loving, how can this be?

I decided to change my tactic.

“So how is Raeesa?” I asked. I had already called Raeesa, Moosas wife, the day before to verify Yusuf’s story. I needed to know if he really did go there that night. It would prove little, I knew that, but that was all I had now. When I called I pretended that I was upset about them not attending the party. She wasn’t much help. She said that she couldn’t make it because she was staying with her sick mother for a while. Asking after her was worth a try.

“Erm…..Raeesa is ok” he said.

Ha! I caught him in a lie. I was just about to pounce when he said, “…. but she was away at her mother’s that night”.

O man, I am going to drive myself crazy if I carry on like this.

“Maybe you need to get out a little.” He said now walking to the other side of the bed. “You have been stuck in the house sorting it out since we moved”, he continued, “Why don’t you go out with some friends?”

“oh My Gosh! “ I said just realizing. “Aamena invited me to coffee with her friends at the new place in Rosebank, when she was here on Sunday”.

“you should go, leave the kids with me, I’ll take them out for the day” he offered climbing into bed.

“er…” I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go. But staying home and driving myself crazy was not exactly a favoured Saturday afternoon activity.

“ok, I’ll think about it”, I said as I slid down under the covers.

I think I really was tired, I fell asleep almost immediately.


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