CHAPTER 12 (continued)

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transformation definition

If you want the prince , you have to put up with the queen – Hasina (Transformation)

I rushed back home after dropping the children at school. It is going to be a hectic day, I thought. My mother in law invited herself over for Jumma (Friday) Lunch on Sunday, and so I need to prepare a faultless meal. Then, later this evening it is Waseem’s big ‘meeting’. I haven’t thought much about it since the drug incident. Thinking about it now brings a new wave of anxiety over me and I have to physically shake it off. I get that drowning feeling again and resist the urge to put my head in my hands and just cry. Pull yourself together Hasina- my inner chachima said squatting on the floor rolling roti and filling samoosas- you need to prepare a meal for your mother in law to criticize.

Jummah lunch is usually a rice day so after a good hour of thinking and browsing through my recipe books I decided on Khuri Khitri. (yellow rice cooked with lentils served with a sour milk gravy). As all Indians know that is just the beginning. So I scrambled for its accompaniments; spiced pumpkin, okra, fish, prawns, aloofry (potatoes) katchoomber, and fried papri. But of course this was not enough. Not good enough for her, I had to think of something else, both equally unusual and delicious. Even a google search didn’t help me so I had to resort to my trusty old ‘Indian Delights’ recipe book. After browsing through the pages I had it, my show stopper – Chana Chatpati. A taste and texture sensation. Even my inner chachima was impressed. That would be my starter served in individual bowls, then the main followed by desert, fallooda ghas (milk jelly), a perfect palate cleanser after the explosion of flavours.

The kitchen is my sanctuary, and today, even more so. My ridiculously extravagant menu will at least prove to keep my mind from wondering.

I was full swing into my cooking catharsis when the phone rang. My initial reaction was to ignore it but I decided to answer anyway.

“Assalamu Alaikum” I greeting into the receiver, stirring the pot at the same time.

“Salaams, Hasina” it was my mother in law. i made a mental note to set up my caller ID on my landline.

“just wanted to call and remind you about lunch today” she said nonchalantly. Lunch was less than two hours away, if she really wanted to remind me she could have called earlier.

“Jee, mummy” I replied. “I am just finishing now” I lied. I hadn’t begun the pumpkin and there was still the dessert to do, and the chutputti will have to be made when they arrive.

“Hmm, what are you making. You know Imraan’s Cholesterol is a problem” referring to my father in law, “I only cook healthy meals at home, no oil and ghee please” she said firmly.

“Im making Khuri Kitri, and I did think about daddys cholesterol. I used the airfryer for the aloo fry and everything else has little or no oil”, silently relieved that I took sumayas advise and got an airfryer.

“Khuri Kitri?” she half asked. “Ooh that reminds me of the gaams in India. Shame the people there are so poor that is all they eat everyday”, I frowned wondering if that was meant to be an insult.

“Last week Sameera invited us and made a seafood Spanish Paella. You must ask her for the recipe. I’m sure Yusuf will love it”

“Jee” I replied halfheartedly. Double whammy, score one –no two, for the mother in law.

I hear the intercom buzz through the phone. It is probably another home shopping delivery. “I have to go Hasina, I will see you later. Salaams”

“Salaams” I replied and I hung up.

Just then, my cellphone beeped. It was a whatsapp message from Yusuf.

“slms. will pick up the kids today from school. You have been so tired and you must be busy with lunch, C U later. Luv u”

I checked his profile and he was still online. I never thought about confronting him about the drugs, via text. I could ask him over whatsapp, right? No, don’t be a coward, Hasina. If you are going to ask him, do it face to face at least.

I read his message again and replied.

I typed “fine” and hit send. That was good enough.

I checked the time again. Just enough time to finish and await the troops.


mil monster in law


  1. shabeeha says:

    Enjoy ! Next post will be Monday. Have a good weekend all and stay warm. Thank you all so much for the support. Lots of love. S.

  2. binte ismail says:

    Great blog simply lurrrrrrving it…how do i follow posts via E-Mail?or can u sign me up…جزاك الله خير‬‬

    • shabeeha says:

      Ws. I really appreciate the comments. So glad you are enjoying reading my blog. Blogging is still new to me but I will certainly try to email updates. S.

  3. aamina says:

    How do I get to the beginning of th story? Cant seem to find chapter one. Story looks interesting, but I’d like to read from th start.jzkl khair

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