CHAPTER 12 (continued)

Posted: June 6, 2014 in Uncategorized


“Everything changes in my life, and the world stays the same.”
Cassandra Clare

I was dressed and changed before everyone got up, a now common routine, and began breakfast. Jameela and Bilal ran down just as the pancakes and cereal got to the table. When Yusuf eventually came down, he shot a glance in my direction. He could pick up that I still wasn’t myself but he seemed to choose to ignore it for now. He threw a general greeting at the kitchen and then, hunched over and hands hanging low, charged towards the children like an ape and wrapped them in a hug as they squeeled with delight. I decided to call Elizabeth from her room. Thank goodness the new house had domestic quarters, no more guessing when Elizabeth is coming.

Yusuf chatted away with the children, but eyed me as I walked around the kitchen preparing the lunches. Once, when I caught his eye, I felt it burn through me until I was sure he could tell what I was thinking. When I broke his gaze, the change in my little family was apparent. On the surface it was the usual happy morning scene, but below the tension was straining to surface. I felt distant and strained. I couldn’t get all the questions out of my head. I was uneasy, mostly because of what I knew, and judging by the look on his face, I think he knew, that I knew. This wasn’t the time to talk and as he looked at me I knew he was thinking the same thing.




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