CHAPTER 11 (continued)

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Sometimes all it comes down to is that moment when everything changes – Hasina (Transformation,

When I heard Hussain’s car in the driveway, I quickly closed the Quran I was reading and when into the kitchen to wait for him. Yes – since I was planning on speaking to him tonight, I decided it was best to get some Quranic inspiration first.

“salaams” he said throwing his jacket over the kitchen chair, He walked over to the open plan dining room and dropped his bag just inside. When he came back in the kitchen he opened the fridge for a drink of cold water.  He looked down at the table, set for two. Then he looked back up at me leaning against the stove.

“Listen Hussain”, I said taking a deep breath. “I think we need to talk”, I cringed inwardly at the use of the phrase, no one hates the ‘have to talk’ speech more than me. “10 minutes” he said unexpectedly, as he walked out of the kitchen.

He came back into the kitchen more than 15 minutes later – timing is not his strong suite – and he sat down at the table. I had been trying to practice the words in my head so I don’t mess things up and start an argument. I turned around and started to get the food ready, remembering my mothers words – never speak to a hungry man.

“Wait” came Hussains voice from behind me. I turned around surprised. “Wait” he said again now softer. “I want to talk to you also. Don’t dish the food yet, let’s talk first” he said avoiding eye contact. Shit, I thought. This is new. This is bad. I thought I was calling the shots. Without eating first? Immediately my heart started racing. Seperation? Divorce? Is this happening? HE wants to talk, really talk. My thoughts are interrupted by him, “I … er.. have something to say also” he said anxiously. Double shit. Jeez I thought I was just going to ask him about trying to have a baby, I didn’t expect this. My memories of the last few weeks race in my head. It hasn’t been perfect. What could be wanting to say? Does he want a divorce? But why would he say all those things to his mother? My anxiety rendered me motionless.

He looked at me again, This time in the eye. It gave me the strength to walk over and sit down. He looked away. I didn’t say anything at first, but neither did he, for a while.

 “Your mother phoned earlier”, I began not knowing what to say.                                         

 He shook his head as if confused. “No” he said. He looked like he was struggling with himself. I was beginning to get very confused.

“I have to say something” he repeated and pulled out a crumpled piece of paper from his trouser pocket and smoothed it on the table.



  1. Al says:

    Ah no! Leaving us hanging – not nice! What could Hussain possibly wanna say? I agree, I’m married with kids, but as much as we joke around etc, having a heart-to-heart with my other half is still very difficult for me. May Allaah open the door of communication in our marriages!

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