CHAPTER 11 (continued)

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if we couldn’t laugh we would all go insane. Robert frost

What? Hussain has made a decision. After a few moments I asked cautiously, “Jee?”, wondering if I really wanted to know. Half of me was relieved that he spoke so positively to his mother about us, and the other half was was boiling with anger that he hasn’t said anything to ME.

“haa, Dikra, I thought you could tell me” she replied. “He didn’t say anything, just that he made a decision. He didn’t want to tell me more. What have you two decided?” she asked.

Decided? She thinks he was talking about a decision we made together. My heart started racing. Jeez what can this be all about?

I tried my best to avoid the question, “I don’t knoe exactly what he meant, I will ask him when I speak to him” I said wondering when that will be.

“Okay. Farnaz, Im so proud of you, doing so well in your business. Even Bhai Chota’s nieces sister in law said you sold thema house and you are so good” The pride in her voice was unmistakable and it made me nearly start to choke up again. She continued oblivious of the reaction she has caused in me. “You know you like a daughter to me. You have always been hard working, from all of my daughter in laws. That’s why I was so upset when the bab…” she stopped herself. “Agh but Insha Allah, one day soon”

“jee, mummy” I responded now gaining composure. “You must make dua”. I was still wondering about all the things Hussain had told his mother.

“Ameen, my dikra. And please you must come visit more often. You know I tried this new savoury recipe but Shazia doesn’t like it. She only knows, samoosa, pies, samoosa pies. Come visit and you tell me. You always trying something different in the kitchen.” Shazia is married to Hussains other brother who lives with Hussain’s parents.

“OK, Insha Allah” I responded.

“OOOhhh Ya Allah” she gasped. “I phoned you to tell you about Sawlihah and I’m talking so much about all this nonsense” she scolded herself. I laughed at her comic tone. Sawlihah is Faadil and Fehmedah’s eldest daughter. Faadil is Hussains brother, 14 years his senior.

“So you know boys have been coming home to see Sawliha” she began. “I can’t believe she is twenty four years old already. Farnaz, I am getting old.”

“Yes Fehmeda did tell me that they want to get her married”.

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