CHAPTER 10 (continued)

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The past remains where it is …in the past.

It was three months later when I got a Facebook invite from a – Yusuf Vally. Remembering the incident that night I ignored it. A few weeks later, I received a call from an unknown number while I was writing study notes on my bedroom floor. When I answered it turned out to be him. He was so apologetic for his friend and told me he had my sketch. He thought my sketch was really good and wanted to know what I thought of Paris. I laughed unguarded for a moment “ I have never been to Paris”.

He seemed surprised, “Wow! but your sketch, Its so real and accurate. How did you do sketch like that if you have never been there?”

“Well I heard you talking about it at the party and I just started drawing” I said, forgetting that he is a spoilt-rich-kid-drug addict.

“Will you sign it for me”, he asked a smile in his voice.  SHIT This guy was smooth , I had to admit.

I laughed. “It’s not finished” I said abruptly.

“OK. Then ill bring it back to you and you’ll finish it for me, tomorrow “

“huh?” what did he just say?

“No” I said. “you stole it from me”

“It wasn’t me, it was Rameez.  I said I’m sorry” he pleaded.

I didn’t say anything.

“listen”, he said now a bit unsteadily. “Can we be friends”

I nearly fell of the floor I was sitting on.

“I don’t think so” I said. “please don’t call me again” . Without waiting for a response I ended the call and turned off my cellphone, not wanting to know if he would try to call me back or not.

I came from a very different family from his. My mother worked long and hard to give us the basics and teach us to make the right decision. Being friends with a spoilt-rich-kid-drug addict was a bad idea.

Despite my request for him not to call me again, like a crazy teenage girl, I waited for his next call. He was rich and gorgeous after all. I was sensible, I wasn’t stupid. He didn’t call – he came to my house!

One Saturday morning I opened the door only to find Yusuf Vally standing there all suave. “assalamu Alaikum, Hasina” he said very calmly. I didn’t say anything. I was in shock.   “What the hell are you doing here?” I asked rudely.

“I came to pick up an order from Aunty Mariam” he said a little winded, his confidence slightly deflated. Was he expecting fluttering lashes and flicking hair?

“ok” I said as I went to fetch my mother.

My mother was busy with another order and asked me to give him the order that was already packaged in the dining room. Aah Great , I thought.

I handed it over to him.

“Hasina” he said , my name rolling smoothly off his tongue. “I would like to spend some time with you. Can I come back and visit you another day at home?” he asked.

I wasn’t expecting that. That was, well – almost decent of him. He looked at me expectantly. “I need to ask my mother”, I answered.

That brought a smile to his face, “SO that’s not a hell-no, then?” he said relieved as he walked away to his car.

My mother didn’t mind, as I knew she wouldn’t. She always said she would rather have her children bring boys and girls home instead of walking the streets together.

Yusuf was at my house nearly every weekend after that. He seemed to really like me, or maybe it was my mother he liked, because he sometimes sat with my mother for hours chatting and having tea, sampling her new treats, while I was studying.

About six months after we became friends, he began to tell me the whole story about how he got involved with drugs. He said he had started earning money at a really young age. His own money! But without much to spend it on and most of his needs taken care of by his parents he began doing drugs purely recreationally. He began getting in with the wrong crowd and soon he was buying drugs for them as well. “I want to tell you everything Hasina” he had said when he started. He told me about the parties he would have when he parents went away. He told me about the girls, a new one each weekend. He wasn’t proud of what he got up to but he said he was ready to change. He said he started to change a few months ago. He mentioned the drugs that he had taken, Marijuana, ecstacy, meth and tik. He said he had never tried the hard stuff like snow (cocaine) and never injected himself.

“Do you like it?” I asked curiously.

“I used to like it.” He said a bit confused “But the more I do it the harder coming down is. I sometimes get headaches and nausea after”

I shake my head, “But surely you know its haraam, Yusuf”, I say . “you are a hafiz, you have the whole quraan in your head. Why would you jeopardize that?. Drugs can damage your brain”

“I know. I was stupid, and when I started I wasn’t thinking about the consequences”

“SO why don’t you stop, Just quit?” I asked

“I never had a reason until now” he said looking straight at me. The blood rushed to my cheeks.

He continued, “I told my parents about the drugs” he said. “At first they didn’t believe me, then when I showed them my stash in my room ….” His voices faded away. “Anyways, I’m starting rehab next week” he said shakily.

So this is what that was all about. He is going in to rehab.

“good for you!” I said resisting the urge to hug him.

“I will be away for three months, Hasina” he says. “Im really going to miss you” he said.





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