CHAPTER 10 (continued)

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CHAPTER 10 (cont)

An hour later with my feet aching the hostess gave a speech about her “darling son”. When the applause came and he was called from outside to “say a few words”, I immediately recognized his voice as the voice that had been my muse all evening. I couldn’t believe he was the “Yusuf” I had heard so much about. That aside, I bent down to pick my jaw up off the ground. This guy was flippin gorgeous.

After the speeches, the night began to wind down quickly and we were left with the task of clearing up. There seemed to be so much to do and my mother seemed to be demanding the moon and stars from us. As soon as the guests were gone it was clear Mrs. Vally wanted us out of the house immediately.

We had just finished packing the van with all the catering equipment when I realized I didn’t have my note book. “I have to get it” I pleaded with my mother. She agreed to wait a few minutes while I ran back into the kitchen through the back doors we had been loading from. I searched the kitchen frantically but found nothing. Disappointed and upset I headed back to the van. On my way through the back I heard snickering and laughing close to the bushes. Thinking it was one of my mother’s waiters I quickly went over to tell them we are going. It was Yusuf and friends sitting on the ground , hidden by the bushes.

“Erm. Sorry” I said when I realized who it was. They were smoking something, through a glass pipe, a lighter held at the bulb below. Rich kids and drugs, I thought – how cliché. I coughed loudly as one of the friends exhaled through his mouth at me. I was about to walk away disgusted when I spied my notebook on the ground. Torn pages lay next to it as one was being rolled into a joint. “That’s MY book you idiot!” I screamed. Yusuf seemed to notice me for the first time. His eyes seemed asleep even though they were open. “So what?” asked one of his cronies. “I want it back” I said forcefully, wondering if I should just grab it and run. “What do I get in return” he asked in a tone that made me nervous. “I never had a girl with green eyes” he said as he snickered to his friends. I lunged for my book and he caught my hand. Yusuf pulled his hand away. “leave her!” he said forcefully to his friend who cowered in response. I grabbed my book and ran.

I was too shocked to even think about what had happened until I was in bed with my notebook by my side. I paged through my note book and found all my doodles and silly patterns. The sketch of the Paris river was gone. Stupid Rich Kids, I thought.

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