CHAPTER 9 (contined)

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CHAPTER 9 (continued)

The higher you are, the harder you fall.

I’m up early this morning, determined not to be late again. Yusuf is still fast asleep and I don’t wake him yet. He has nearly two hours before he needs to get to work. I shower and dress quietly. When I get to the kids they are just waking up. The three of us head down for breakfast. “where’s daddy?” asks Bilal.

“Daddy is still very tired” I answer, “If you eat up quickly and get dressed I will let you wake him up before we go” I promise. This seems to motivate him.

“are we going to be late again, mummy?” Jameela asks.

“not today” I say  determined.

When the kids are dressed and ready I look at my watch. We making good time.

Bilal rushes off to my bedroom to wake his father. Jameela joins him and i notice that they are a lot gentler with him then they are with me. Their heavy footsteps and rustling bags on their shoulder wake him as they walk in.

“Daddy, Daddy, we beat you” Bilal says, proud that he is up and ready before his father for a change.

“Mummy says we going to be early, Why are you still sleeping? Are you sick” asks our ever perceptive Jameela who moves closer to him cautiously and stands at his headside.

“I was just tired, Jam.” He kisses her on her forehead,” Daddy had to go out and do some work last night” he says pulling the covers off and getting up. Looking at me still drowsily he says, “Sorry Hassie  – was gonna call but my phone went dead”.  Pulling the kids towards him he asks “How about a hug before you go”, and they both oblige.

He gets up and plants a kiss on my cheek, then walks towards the ensuite bathroom. “Salaams daddy” the children scream as they head out of the room, just as he closes the door behind him. I make a quick dash to pick up Yusuf’s clothes from the floor that seem to have fallen of the coat hanger. As I do, a small clear plastic packet with white powder falls out of the trouser pocket. I freeze for an instant. I immediately know what it is. SHIT! I think, as the blood drains from my face. Not again! The sound of the toilet flushing make me panic and I drop everything and rush out leaving the packet of powder behind.  My inner Chachima is running like the wind, she is a coward just like me.




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