CHAPTER 9 (continued)

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CHAPTER 9 (continued)


Yusuf get’s back home earlier than normal, of course now that he doesn’t have to drive for an hour in traffic. We spend most of our extra time in the back yard. Yusuf either plays with the kids or sits with me on the patio as we watch the kids down by the jungle gym. Today we are having coffee on the patio.

“Yusuf called me today”, I begin.

“Yes, I gave him the number, he said he wants to come here one of the days” he continues, “did you organize with him?” he asks me.

“Yes, he’s coming here on Friday. Do you know what it’s about? He didn’t tell me much”, I probe.

“Nah he didn’t tell me anything”, Yusuf’s response is cool.  “Are you worried? He was just here on Sunday, if there was something important to discuss he would’ve told you then”, he reasons.

I think about that. It does make sense. Okay , I think to myself. I’m just going to wait until next week. No use driving myself crazy.

“How was the drive to school today?” Yusuf asks changing the subject.

“We were late again” I sigh, rolling my eyes. “I had to walk the children in, when I got to Jameela’s class, Apa Tasneem was not impressed”. He laughs. “Are you going to get my children suspended from preschool?” he asks teasingly.

Now it’s my turn to laugh, “It’s not easy being the first one awake. I’m used to laying in bed till the children force me out. Remember?” I ask emphatically. “I used to like that”.

“awww” he teases again with a pouty sad face. I lean in to punch him in the shoulder.

“ouch” he exaggerates, rubbing his shoulder.

The children come running towards us and sit at the table. They are giggling and out of breathe from running.

“Daddy I learnt how to do a summersault in school today” says Jameela proudly. “Apa said mine was the best”.

“wow, well done Jam”, Yusuf says. “let me see” He gestures her to the soft grass.

Jameela goes over full of confidence. She poises herself and pulls her hands tightly to her sides. Then she lifts her hands up above her head tucks in her head. She stands in that position for a few seconds then without warning drops to her knees with Russian gymanist precision. She puts her hands straight out in front of her and in one smooth motion she tumbles over the soft grass and gets up with ease on the other end holding her hands in front of her just the way she started. She turns and bows. She couldn’t have done it better if she was wearing a skin tone costume covered in glitter and ruffles.

Yusuf awards her with a standing ovation. WOW , I join him and even Bilal is impressed. Yusuf grabs her and throws her over his shoulders and shouts over Jameela’s laughs , “Hey Hassie, here’s the next Nadia Comaneci”. 






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