CHAPTER 5 (final)

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Hussain and I hadn’t spoken about the Vallys party invitation after that day. I was beginning to wonder if he had forgotten. I already had a plan in my mind, if he had forgotten I wasn’t going to remind him. Secretly I was a little disappointed. I was looking forward to going. Not for the party, but for another crucial step in our marriage. For that reason I was caught completely off guard this morning at breakfast. I was making Hussains breakfast of omlette, toast and tea when he arrived in the kitchen. During the week our morning schedules don’t allow us to eat breakfast together, but on Sundays we are both free in the morning. However whether it is eating breakfast together or just being in the same place at the same time, is a matter that can be debated.

“Assala mu alaikum” I greeted as I put down his cheese and mushroom omlette, in front of him.

“salaams, Thanks” he answered and immediately gets busy with the business of eating. I sat down next to him with my muesli and yoghurt. From then it was a matter of pass the salt, do you want this toast and where’s the butter?  Not exactly bonding breakfast conversation. When I had poured our tea, I brought over the plate of chocolate cake to have with the tea. I cut a slice for myself and offered him. “No Thanks”, he said nonchalantly. “I’m keeping my sweet tooth for the party this afternoon”. I tried very hard not to show the shock on my face and kept my head down. “oh, yeah” I replied watching him through my lashes, “I almost forgot about it”, I lied. “Do you still want to go?” he asked, unexpectedly. His voice seemed nervous. “yes, Sure we’ll go” . He paused for a while, and for a moment I thought he wanted to say something. Then he just nodded, finished up his last sip of tea, got up and left the kitchen without a word.


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